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Author Topic: xbtitFM on an xbtit VPS = First months hosting free  (Read 14016 times)


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xbtitFM on an xbtit VPS = First months hosting free
« on: March 31, 2012, 02:04:48 pm »
xbtitFM now comes with a complimentary account to the xbtit PREMIUM forums (no credits included) and as such this means that new subscribers to xbtitFM can take full advantage of Locutius' Special VPS offer for xbtit PREMIUM members: *1 month rent free* offer without having the extra expense of having to pay for a subscription to xbtit PREMIUM.

That means if you take out a subscription to xbtitFM (at a cost of 50 EUR per annum) and also choose to host it on an xbtit VPS (at a cost of 27 EUR per month (for 256MB of RAM)) you can get the first month of VPS hosting absolutely free, what's more we'll also install everything for you for free too.

Please view this page for the full details of this offer.
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