xbtitFM 2.1 is now released!!!!

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xbtitFM 2.1 is now released!!!!
« on: November 26, 2016, 03:39:36 pm »
These are the 173 hacks that are installed in xbtitFM 2.1

    Invitation System
    Custom Title
    Bonus System
    Donation History
    Simple Donor Display
    Timed Ranks
    Advanced Auto Donation System
    Gold And Silver Torrents
    Free Leech with Happy Hour
    Torrent Image Upload
    Warning System
    Anti Hit & Run System
    Ask For Reseed
    Auto Rank
    Report Torrents & Users
    Group Colors Overall
    GetIMDB In Torrent Details
    Staff Panel
    Rules With Groups
    Show if Seedbox is used
    Shoutbox Member And Torrent Announce
    Sticky Torrent
    Torrent Request and vote
    Extended Torrent Description
    Graphic Average Bar
    Uploader Size And Comments
    Display New Torrents Since Last Visit
    Shoutbox Banned
    LED Ticker
    AJAX Torrent Thanks
    Downloaded Torrents
    Advanced Torrent Search
    Sport Betting
    Site On/Offline
    Shoutcast Stats And DJ Application
    Message Spy
    Download Ratio Checker
    Signup Bonus Upload
    Add New Users In AdminCP
    Torrents Limit
    Enhanced Wait Time
    Ban Client
    Auto Duplicate Torrent Checker
    Show Members Whois Record On Userdetails
    Ban Button
    Ratio Editor
    Torrent Nuked/Requested
    Duplicate IP's
    Automatic report users with high UL speed
    Twitter Update
    Torrent moderation
    Speed Stats In Peers With Filename
    Uploader Medals
    NFO Uploader - Viewer
    IMG In SB After X Shouts
    Balloons On Mouseover
    Circling Last Torrents
    Xbtit -> SMF Style Bridge
    Private Shouts
    Lock Comments
    Account Parked
    Low Ratio Ban System
    Automatic Album Cover And Picture Grabber
    Hide Online Status
    Upload Multiplier
    Allow And Disallow Users To Up And Download
    Detect And Blacklist Proxy
    View Edit Delete Preview ShoutBox Comments
    Comments Layout
    F.A.Q. With Groups
    Hide Language
    Hide Style
    BBcode Enhancements
    Auto Announce
    User Immunity
    Personal Notepad
    BOT Visits
    Show All Uploads Per User
    Staff control
    Torrent Bookmark
    PM Banned
    Integrated Forum Display
    Pm Alert In Shoutbox
    View Peer Details
    Download Prefix Or Suffix
    Uploader Rights
    Pager Type Select
    User Notes
    Avatar Signature Sync
    Ban Cheapmail Domains
    Uploader Control
    IP To Country
    Avatar Upload
    Forced FAQ
    Registration Open Randomly
    Forum Auto Topic
    Offer To Re-encode
    Shoutbox Clean
    SEO Panel
    Staff Comment In Torrent Details
    Disable User Registration With Duplicate IP
    Recommended Torrents
    User Images
    Direct Download
    About Me
    CBT (Coolys Backup Tools)
    Multi Tracker Scrape
    User Watch List
    Partners Page
    Similar Torrents
    Force SSL
    Alternate Login
    Refresh Torrent Peers
    Online Timeout
    Search All Sub-categories
    show Or Hide Porn
    Private Profile
    Anonymous Links
    Language In Torrent List And Details
    Torrent Details Media Player
    Signature On Internal Forum
    User Signup Agreement
    Total Online Time
    Last Download Block
    VIP Freeleech
    Torrent View Count
    Split Torrents By Date
    Social Network
    Bump Torrents
    Advanced RSS Feed
    Archive Torrents
    Ads System
    Default Cat Browse
    Welcome Pm
    Logical Rank Ordering
    Freeleech Slots
    Torrent Of The Week
    Profile Torrent Sorting
    Comment Captcha
    PM Notification On Torrent Comment
    No Columns Display
    Protected Usernames
    Multi Delete Torrents
    Poll From Integrated Forum
    Torrent Activity Colouring
    Grab Images From TheTVDB
    Advanced Prune Users And Torrents
    Previous Usernames
    Download Requires Introduction
    Only Allow Specified Email Domains
    Magnet Links
    Block Signup From Certain Countries
    Permissions For External Torrents
    Torrent Times
    Custom Smileys
    File Hosting
    Apply For Membership
    Invalid Login System
    Torrent List And Details Options
    Chat Spy
    Shoutbox Commands (added as core feature)
    Reputation System
    Disable User Edit & Delete After 24 hrs.
    Torrent's Categories Subscription

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