xbtit 2.5.0/2.5.1 Admin user not registered, new user registration failure.

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I've tried the installations on both of those two versions, I enter my admin user, pass and email.
Upon signing in I am greeted with the message "no such user exists". If I try to register a new user I get this one:

MYSQL Query Error
"Error: Field 'warnreason' doesn't have a default value
Query: INSERT INTO `xbtit_users` (`username`, `password`, `salt`, `pass_type`, `dupe_hash`, `random`, `id_level`, `email`, `style`, `language`, `flag`, `joined`, `lastconnect`, `pid`, `time_offset`, `torrentsperpage`) VALUES ('asfasf', '8a2ceb4a881aceb584dd91ab8d9790ae', '', '1', 'fde7c952d8aefef556a9', 726174, 2, '[email protected]', 1, 1, 11, NOW(), NOW(),'f13e2941a3eaf3c234fe50fa4c44bb96', '-6', 15)"

Is there a way to manually create an owner account, and if so where?
I am in love with XBTIT's new style, and I am depraved pf. I'd even glady pay up to have someone fix these errors for me and give me a smooth running tracker, but right now I just want to be able to get my admin user..

My server stats:
CentOS, PHP 5.6 SQL MariaDB 10


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I have the some problem... Anybody to help?


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Post the file that you have issue with... I guess is account.php


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