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Read Me First!
« on: May 24, 2016, 04:26:12 pm »
Before we accept you on our team please make note that you need to do or have the following

  • Github Account (supply username or email) - follow this url
  • Must have Development Knowledge
  • Knowledge of XBTIT Core
  • Examples of your previous or current work
  • What area you want to be part of for example.  Coding, Design or Language

This list may alter as time goes on with the developments we need.

Understanding our github process
Master - This branch is for our next major development changes so if we are on version 3 Dev branch version 4 will be on our master, Please note master is only for dev and testing enviroments.
XBTIT 2 DEV - this is for all our version 2 development, updates and bug fixes
XBTIT 3 DEV - Not yet made but will be for our version 3 developments, updates and bugfixes after moved from master.
XBTIT 2.4.0 - this branch is for continued support for 2.4.0

Please make sure you write a good description about what you would like to do and help achieve on our XBTIT developments to better our script and usage.
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