Preliminary SMF 2.0/IPB 3.x.x Support

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Preliminary SMF 2.0/IPB 3.x.x Support
« on: June 19, 2011, 10:17:20 pm »
Just a heads up, a few hours ago I uploaded revision 690 which includes support for Simple Machine Forum 2.0 and Invision Power Board 3.x.x.  Please note this has only had limited testing so if you intend to try it out please ensure you make a backup of your database/files first. There is some extra sql required so be sure to apply upgrade/smf2_and_ipb_extra_sql.sql if upgrading from an older version of xbtit (and also upgrade/Security Suite - Extra SQL.sql if coming from a pre-Security Suite version).

Please give feedback on this, it doesn't do me any good if nobody posts their findings.

Please view this thread for updates and discussion about this.
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